Since 2008, Yazbeck Investments has assessed the risks associated with hundreds of potential projects, successfully investing, operating and securing exits for various asset backed investments made in the real estate lending and development, underground construction, and healthcare technology fields.

Since 2013, Yazbeck Investments has focused on the Legal Cannabis Industry, making strategic investments and securing exits in the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, retail and technology sectors of the space.


Some of our Cannabis Investments include:


MyDx in 2013 – a leader in cannabis health technology tracking the science of how cannabis makes people feel. Mr. Yazbeck founded, seeded the capital for, and successfully developed and created a market for the first handheld chemical analyzer for cannabis consumers. 

Ebbu in 2014 – a leader in hemp research acquired in 2018 for $330 million by Canopy Growth Corporation.


Manifest 7 (formerly MJIC) in 2015 – a cannabis retail and distribution company in California which went public in 2020 on the Canadian Stock Exchange.

Ramona Cannabis Company in 2020 – a San Diego county licensed and vertically integrated cannabis company operating a profitable retail dispensary and delivery service, a manufacturing and co-packing facility, a distribution hub, and is licensed for cannabis cultivation.


Global Cannabis Legalization Efforts

 Since 2018, Mr. Yazbeck has been working closely with local Lebanese scientists, business leaders, activists and government regulators to help draft and pass a law to Legalize Cannabis in Lebanon. On April 21, 2020, Lebanon passed legislation legalizing medical cannabis cultivation in the country.





Cannabis Industry Affiliations



Future Investments

As of 2022, Yazbeck Investments has focussed on evaluating and investing in innovative or cash-flowing companies in the Healthcare and Biotechnology sectors, while continuing to support viable companies in the Cannabis Industry.