I am proud to have graduated with Honors from the prestigious McGill University, one of the top institutions in Canada, with a Master in Medicinal Chemistry and a minor in Business Management.
My first real job was with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, the number one pharmaceutical company in the world. I was a Scientist for them. I learned how to use enzymes to prepare pharmaceutical compounds using a greener process. I automated our lab, we became a center of technology, we filed great IP, and I am grateful for that experience, for it made my scientific background have meaning.
I later joined Panasonic, the number one electronics manufacturer in the world, as it was time to test my business ability in the real world. As a Strategic New Market & Business Development specialist into the healthcare space, I was able to help Panasonic develop new products combining extensive scientific and technical engineering skills I acquired to further invent, patent, secure resources for, manage, develop and successfully commercialize innovative products for my company. Please read here for a list of patents and publications I am referenced in.
As a private Investor over the past 10+ years, I have tried to apply the invaluable hands on risk assessment experience acquired in both good, and more importantly, bad investments I have been party to throughout my career as a cashflow investor to clearly assess the risks associated with a potential investment. My goal for businesses is to structure sustainable and scalable investments that can support company growth with private capital until I can make those businesses bankable to traditional lenders or the public markets for continued growth. Most importantly, my focus is always on securing a clear and clean exit strategy for the investment with a good return on investment in high growth markets.
mydx-logo-ticker-2 MyDx is a Science & Technology company whose mission is near and dear to my heart.  Having learned what I know now about the Cannabis Industry, as well as the chemicals we put in our mind and body every day, I founded MyDx, seeded the capital, helped it raise $7.6M in private equity, and managed all details of what our functional group offers, including creating and developing the MyDx Analyzer,  establishing a market and brand, and becoming a publicly traded company, all in less than 3 years.  I am very proud of this company as it a validation of the backing that my team can provide to a startup to help it achieve its goals, from concept to implementation. To learn more, please visit www.mydxlife.com.




Lens: Clear and accurate information empowers progress.
Motto: Reveal Truth
Internal Application: We will show you.


Lens: Living pure improves the quality of your life.
Motto: Live Pure
Internal Application: We make healthier decisions.


Lens: Full potential is achieved when you flow with your environment.
Motto: Be Fluid
Internal Application: We move as one.


Lens: A limitless mind achieves the impossible.
Motto: Think Limitless
Internal Application: We move boldly without bounds.


Lens: Attention to detail is critical on the journey towards perfection.
Motto: Aim Higher
Internal Application: We believe perfection should be practical.